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Animation: Season 5 Hype Train [Censored] by ata64
Animation: Season 5 Hype Train [Censored]
In case you're not into swearing, here's a Censored version! Chugga chugga mothersqueers!…
[SFM]: Demopan and his Hoard of Stout Shakos by ata64
[SFM]: Demopan and his Hoard of Stout Shakos
Did this piece back when SFM was starting to be a thing. Never put it up til now. I made it for some old SFM Poster making contest that I won. A whole 2 keys! Woah!
[SFM]: Pinkie And Dash by ata64
[SFM]: Pinkie And Dash
Old piece. Did this for the Michael Morones art submission after finding out his favorite ponies. Hope he enjoyed it! :D


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United States
Just another Brony in the world.
I try to find out what I'm good at.
Music, love using Audacity, although I've only made 1 remix of Rainbow Factory so far.
Also love playing the Piano.
Gmod - I love it. Animating with Sony Vegas and Henry's Animation Tool allows me to express my creativity. It's good fun. Just learned how to make skins too!
Youtube - I got the inspiration to continue using my old account after seeing the brilliant work of SuperMarioGalaxy13. I pretty much do the same stuff he does, green screening and sentence mixing. I also love YTPs. Waxinator, gotta love him. I try it myself now and then. Mine are more story needed though, because I'm strict like that with my work.
Ponies - Don't know why I love em but DAT NOSTALGIA. Hard to see something good on Tv these days.
TL;DR Got spammed with bunch of Notes at the same time. All spawned from the same place requesting the same thing.

Alright. I didn't want to do this. I was hoping that :iconthelostanimatronic: and :iconanappleforgotten: would handle this maturely and properly, but there is only so much I can hope for.

So this issue is about the verbal abuse coming from both sides of the SFM-Ponies Community and the Five Nights at Applejack Group. Here is how this all started, and how this ends:

Here is where it begins. This was a conversation between myself and Bird-Spirit. Bird asks me to make a FNaAJ video in SFM. I state that I would not on account of just recently releasing Five Nights at Pinkie's. Bird-Spirit says ok, and I thought that'd be the end of it.

Of course it doesn't. Next day, I open up deviantart and see 6 Notes. All of them asking the same thing, sent at around the same time frame, if you notice. This was 2 days and 17 hours ago from when this Journal has been posted. I go ahead to these accounts and notice that they all have interests in either FNaAJ, are part of that Group, or have an interest in Birds or a mixture. Bird-Spirit fits all three of these categories. This means two things:

Bird-Spirit has alternate accounts and sent in a bunch of Notes hoping to change my mind or annoy me to do it with spam
Bird-Spirit asked other people to send me Notes on the same topic, hoping for a yes.

I say no to one of them and report all of the accounts for spam. Hoping this would bury the hatchet.

Two days later:

I do some looking around on this account and see the the relation to Bird-Spirit, being also an admin of the FNaAJ Group. A stamp on TheLostAnimatronic's page shows a knowing of one of the Note spammers:

I respond and soon enough, I recieve a Note back. You can read my response and TheLostAnimatronic's below:

So the users have gotten into contact with TheLostAnimatronic and are giving different sides of the story. FeatherCookie's lines up with the 2 days ago, but not ProPonypal and BIRDS-4-BETTER. In fact, BIRDS is claiming that they sent this message before the Five Nights at Pinkie's video was even made. Interesting. Also, where are these screenshots you are claiming that has this information? Am I not allowed to see them? 

I inform Lost of the 8 days and:

You're changing what you've said. Did you not double check something as important as a time frame of when something was sent? After this: 

Well isn't this just interesting. How could I forget and drop this like that? Unless your side of the argument is failing or false and you know this.
So I respond and you can read that below, as well as the reply from Animatronic to my response:

You want to end this? This is what I want. Just and ending to this madness and a prevention for this to happen to anyone else:

My response and a reply from Bird after that:

You know the drill, my response, Bird's reply:

Be friends? After what you've driven me through? (Really though, there are bigger issues for me, but I go on deviantart to look at art and enjoy people's work, not to have people spamming me and calling me on abuse.)

So now Animatronic is back:

What's that? Knate3? So you're telling me Bird-Spirit did have access to another account, and one of those was Knate3, which sent a Note in that timespan of spamming my Notes folder. That's proof right there.

And now Bird is back. I was getting confused at this point, but basically they were flip flopping. By the time I replied to one, the other would have sent a Note already.

So we have false statements again coming from Bird. Typical at this point. Was honestly losing my patience but kept going in an effort to let people know coming from the source of the commotion:

What. Excuse. Is. This.

So after that, I find the "statement that Animatronic made for the FNaAJ Group to read:

This is not a proper explanation. In fact, it leaves people out the dark on the situation, which is the opposite of what was trying to be accomplished. No mention of Note spamming, who started it, the accounts. WOW! 

Prime example of "How to Leave your Audience in the Dark"

Yes it was clear as crystal. 

That was the whole thing between myself and TheLostAnimatronic and Bird-Spirit. Hopefully now everyone is informed on this. In the end, avoid :iconfive-nights-at-ajs: and the people who run it. Think carefully on who you talk to, because they might not have the best intentions or want to be shown who they really are. 

Now for the second matter at hand. The verbal abuse. I was going through Bird-Spirit's account and while this was going down, some users decided to take things into their own hands. I didn't think I'd have to remind people that we are an art loving community and that we shouldn't talk shit or spread hate to people. Yes, thank you for defending me and being on my side, but don't go about attacking people online because of things like this. That is stooping to their level and we are better than that. I know this. You know this. How you act online is how you not only represent yourself, but the groups you are a part of. This applies not only here, online, but also in real life, when you work at a company or job. Or how you act tells people "Who rose this person to act like this?" You represent yourself and the people in your life by the way you act. Act in a non-hostile, clear-minded way. 

If you've read down to here, thank you for reading and I hope this has been informative for you. 


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